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Committed to Producing

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The service ranges from the technical planning (EPCM) to the turnkey delivery (EPC) and finally to the operation (O&M) of the projects. Risen Energy as one of the major investor and leading service providers knows how to combine the different needs and expectations competently, always aiming for a sustainable and successful integration of solar projects into the global future energy supply.

Risen Energy hires several well-known engineers in the construction, operation and maintenance of the solar power stations. Moreover, Risen Energy sets up design department, engineer department, O&M department, PV products department and others. We can provide solutions of projects consulting, designing, installation, network support, test and maintenance, system upgrade and others.

Risen Energy continues to expand the numbers and scale of the projects. And it needs new and deeper partnerships and financing system.


Site inspection and development  |  Lease agreements
Building permits  |  Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)  |  Due diligence

Risen Energy is your trustworthy partner in solar projects development. We specialize in providing the best solutions for the different demands of customers while ensuring the quality. From selection, evaluation and development of site evaluation to leasing or purchasing the real estate, Risen Energy constantly optimizes and provides the best selective services for customers to customize the solar projects.



Layout of a plant  |  Cost calculation  |  Yield analysis
Technical planning: conceptual, basic and detailed engineering

Risen Energy has accumulated lots of experience while successfully completed hundreds of solar projects . In addition,by using the PV modules  we make ourselves, Risen Energy is able to provide significant price  and technological advantages.

One of Risen Energy’s main businesses is the execution of solar projects. The team has the knowledge to plan and execute solar projects with the highest level of certification. In-house engineers with civil, electrical and mechanical expertise to plan and design efficient and professional systems. We purchase and test our samples with IEC standard and also passed multiple international QC,unit's  examinat. Therefore, we are confident to give your projects highly efficiency outputs.

We use our expertise to save cost and provide higher profits for customers.


Purchase agreements  |  Logistic services

Risen Energy has the best procurement team and optimizes projects in the procurement costs of customer requirements. Risen Energy only cooperates with world-class manufacturers and ensures the projects are completed in a timely manner by global supply chain.

The global procurement system, which was developed for a long time, provides the good quality and price. It can provide  efficient products according to the need of customers to  save the cost and to create more profits for customers.


Coordination  |  Site supervision  | Quality inspection  |  Pilot Run

Risen Energy is a world-class development company in photovoltaic building and management. With the leading technology of the electricity company to construct the highest level of solar projects, Risen Energy has more than hundreds of solar projects around the world. The PV projects area is everywhere from Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Qinghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Gansu and other cities and also worldwide as Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, France, UK, Spain, the Middle East and others.

The members of the construction team are from the headquarters and the workers who have the experience in construction will construct the projects. Moreover, third parties will provide quality supervision according to customer requirement,and the projects will be handed over the customers when the test run is positive to ensure good customer service.



Technical monitoring & default analysis  |  Maintenance and service  |  Accounting
  Shareholders’ meetings  |  Contract controlling

Risen Energy manages and operates all installed projects, including monitoring, maintenance, and providing 24/7 protection.

Risen Energy has more than 150 MW of O&M projects under operation. With our high technology, Risen Energy provides a professional and long-term monitoring of the solar projects with a strong focus on highest energy output. Our O&M team is based in the operational headquarter and remotely controls the system via service center with a daily exchange to the local operations and maintenance team on site.


Profit evaluation  |  Set up of legal entities (SPV's)  |  Pre-financing  |  Structuring of debt and equity
  Tax and insurance planning  |  Prepare, audit and negotiate contracts
  Project placement as a single project or portfolio to financial or strategic investors  |  Insurance concept

With the impressive record and excellent financing techniques, Risen Energy can provide a variety of financing options and customized products according to different needs.

Constructing projects requires a variety of investment and financing skill and use financial leverage to maximize the interests of the investors, financiers, owners and other units to achieve project benefits.

On the project investment and financing, Risen Energy provides the most professional  project orientations for the investors choosing, or combined into high-end financial products to collect more revenue.

Risen Energy launched IPO in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market and has strong financing capacity.  Risen Energy also established close cooperation  with Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Export-Import Bank of China, China Development Bank and others and Risen has formed a chain, which provides strong protection in investment, operation, development solar power stations. In addition, Risen Energy provides different services for different countries in projects financing.

We use our expertise to save cost and provide higher profits for customers.



Power Generation  |  Operate  |  Private Power Plant  |  Profit from Electricity Sales

With high-quality products, Risen Energy helps the independent power producer to provide customers with, adequate ,cheap good electric power  energy, and maximize profits. Putting customer satisfaction at the core and on the premise of “you are satisfied I get profits”, Risen Energy helps enterprises to seek revenue and ultimately to achieve the perfect harmony between social and economic benefits.